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HI, I AM on a Mission

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I am a Women’s Empowerment mentor & coach helping women to transitions through life changes so they can step their confident best self

I do what I do because I am on a mission to help women break through their limits and empower them to lead themselves with courage and authenticity, whether that is in personal & professional life.

Because how you lead yourself in private has much to do with how you lead your business or your team. Same underlying fears and BS impact your everyday decisions and behaviours.

Therefore, my clients are divers in the story that brings them to me, but all have a one common goal …which is to empower themselves to reclaim or move forward with life, feeling confident, worthy of success and learning more about how to show up authentic…..while letting go of the emotional  attachment to the old stories that keep one stuck.

I provide services in 1-1, group and workshop format and have 3 different levels available to work with me to fit time and budget suitability of the client.


  1. Clarity on who you really are and what gifts you have – LEARNING TO Trust yourself
  2. Transcending Fear (mindset) in order to step into Authenticity
  3. Transforming low self-esteem into self-love & acceptance
  4. Boost Self Confidence – CHANGE OF Attitude
  5. Independence (shift emotional systemic entanglements)
  6. Take Full responsibility of what is and where you are going

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