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Boundary setting is a leadership strength

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Leadership | 0 comments

We need to have a conversation about setting mental health boundaries and the real benefits behind it.

Mental health boundaries are an important but often-overlooked element of self-care. Mental health boundaries help us protect our minds, emotions, and energy so we can recognize when to take a step back, give ourselves a break, or stand up for ourselves in times of stress or need.

Setting Mental Health Boundaries Is Not Selfish — It’s A Strength. People with high levels of self-awareness and respect for themselves, understand the need to pause and refresh in order to remain their best selves. Being able to lead ourselves in private and professional environment, and others comes with responsibility. It’s time to shift the conversation about setting mental health boundaries to support our goals, relationships, and lives.

A healthy balance between obligations and self-care is an essential part of how we relate to ourselves and the world around us. Despite this, too often we view setting boundaries in as selfish or lazy. However, understanding when to set these limits for yourself, and having the courage to enforce them, is a skill that requires both authentic strength, positive self-regard, and resilience. The goal is to recharge so you can show up better as an employee, mother, wife or business owner. Don’t seek acknowledgment or a prize for the most overtime or burnout you achieved. That just relates to a low self-worth level and need to of seeking external validation. You should have the highest regard for yourself without the approval by others. Being respectful and honest in communicating your energetic and mental boundaries, is not a weakness it is the opposite, yet most people struggle to do so.

That’s why we need to shift the perception and ask ourselves the deeper questions, seeking more honest answers.

Take the time to become conscious of your own energetic boundaries and how they can be enforced. As an introvert, understand that recharging your energy doesn’t mean you have to avoid social situations – it simply means that spending time in solitude helps you refill your batteries. So, know yourself and create your own well-being strategy that you can come back to in moments of stress and pressure.

Ask yourself: How does this make me feel? Am I taking action based on my core intentions and values or am I overworking because I’m stuck in a cycle of trying to prove myself?

To foster self-care and remain true to ourselves, we must pay attention to the present moment and check in with our innermost intentions: Are we doing this for ourselves or out of obligation and pressures from outside sources? Moreover, leaders should lead with intention by embodying their values and staying rooted in truth—not succumbing to fear.

Reflect on who you are being and lead with integrity. Empower yourself to be courageous, vulnerable, and authentic, while understanding the importance of setting limits. Remember, leaders are human beings first; take action from a place of courage instead of fear. Live with purpose and let go of expectations.

By encouraging a humane perspective, we can lead by example and foster a healthy environment for everyone to thrive.

written, published by Martina Rios, Women’s empowerment mentor and leadership coach.

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