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What is the Guarantee / Refund policy? Terms & Conditions (they have attended the sessions and done the session homework)

It is important that we are a good fit for each other and therefore I hope this website is a good start answering your questions. Secondly, I take every client through a complementary 30 minute discovery session so we can get to know each other and establish the most suitable coaching approach.

I only take on clients I feel that we can work together successfully and who are committed.

If you choose to select the 8 weeks Life Purpose Program or the 6 weeks Secrets to Happiness, I will offer a 30 days ‘grace’ period.

This is not a “I changed my mind license”, because you will have to prove that you did give it a go and did the self-work on your end.

This is a 30-day conditional guarantee to encourage you to take the first step today! We do not offer refunds on sessions that have been taken or on the 6 hours personalized session packs.

All I want is to see that the program will make a positive impact on your life and therefore it is important you commit 100%. In return, you will get my full commitment to you.

I want you to feel there is NO RISK whatsoever when you decide to enroll and join the Transformation Community



Martina Rios is the Aussie go-to for Life Transformation Coaching. She practices principles that unravel the subconscious mind and, consequently, help unlock the power one holds within. 

As a certified Master Life Coach, her niche lies in Transformative Empowerment Coaching and helps her clients align with their Life Purpose. She guides them to live a life with Intention and Integrity for themselves and further navigates Life with her clients on how to dream big and how to successfully set and achieve those life goals.

She is passionate about helping burned out corporate workers, stressed-out mums, and people that feel stuck in the moment and experience anxiety from taking control back of their life. Martina helps her clients by recalibrating their mindset, so they feel empowered to make healthy, positive, and confident choices for themselves. With her intuitive, modern and fun approach, she guides her clients incorporating a holistic perspective of Body-Mind-Soul as she facilitates true transformation experience from inside, out.